Dear Potential Guest,

Thank you for visiting our website. For those of you who have never been to Bonaire, here are a few basic facts:

The weather is always a pleasant 85 degrees (F) year round, which when combined with annual rainfall of only 22" and lovely trade wind breezes…….practically guarantees you perfect weather every day ! It should also be noted that Bonaire is outside the hurricane belt, so you rarely have to worry about this either. The island is approximately 24 miles long and 3-7 miles wide with a population of approximately 10,000. The local currency is the U.S. dollar. The restaurants on the island are many and varied in cuisine and price. Bonairians are very friendly people and a casual dress code prevails everywhere.

The water/diving in Bonaire offers some of the finest diving/snorkeling in the Caribbean-and right from your doorstep !

We have access to a variety of other sized condo units… whether it be a one, two, or three bedroom unit you need just let us know. We can arrange for accommodations for any sized group.….just ask.

So no matter what your travel needs…..whether airline reservations, land/meal packages, or car rentals….I can assist you….just let me know your requirements.

In any case I hope you'll be joining us for a stay in Bonaire.....a truly relaxed, and friendly island.


Brad Louth

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